Wall Street Journal - Letter to the Editor

A Poignant Tribute To an American Hero

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 A15

In response to your March 25 editorial "War and Forgiveness":

Getting misty-eyed and overwrought with emotion is not something that typically happens to me when reading the Journal. But this editorial was a poignant and moving tribute to a great American hero. In an era where most of the discussion about war is negative and political, a piece like this is refreshing and welcome. Even among those of us who support the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, consider ourselves American patriots, and argue persuasively against the war's detractors, we don't get to hear nearly enough about these great individual stories of selflessness, bravery and heroism. So, thank you for printing this inspiring piece about Jacob DeShazer, and I hope he inspires others as much as he inspired me. Let's have more of these great stories of American heroism.

David Cohen Sunnyvale, Calif.

Source: David Cohen, "A Poignant Tribute To an American Hero", The Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2008